“Set and achieve your Career & Calling goals
to live a lifestyle that you design”

Mercy Myles-Jenkins
Career Calling Strategist

Is this you?

  • Are you lacking the clarity and confidence that is needed to fulfill your purpose and calling?
  • Are you tired of cheerleading other’s, at the expense of your own dreams going unfulfilled?
  • Are you feeling unappreciated, bored and unfulfilled at work?
  • Are you frustrated at being stuck and stagnant and desire change to move you forward?
  • Do you start new projects but then don’t finish them?

Raise your hand if you are in a transition, either to change or up level in a career or you are unsettled at work and want to venture into starting your own service based business but need support to see it through.
If yes, I would love to be able to support you towards your transformational journey to live according to your true calling and purpose as a visionary.
I know how frustrating it is to know that greatness is bubbling, on the inside…But clueless on HOW to Live it OUT. If you are like me…I would wait in desperation for other’s to validate my gifts, talents, skills and abilities and give me direction to live life intentionally on purpose. The sad story is no-one came to save me from drowning in misery…I had to save ME!
But listen here!…YOU can DECIDE right NOW to take charge of your life and say bye to fear, regret and stagnation. Take a Stand for your life and say yes to Getting Results; Confidently Achieving your Goals to Fulfil your Purpose in your Career and Calling.
You have a purpose and calling to fulfil! This may be a God Idea, a Business, a Career move, a Community Project, or a Dream, that intimidates you. Take DOMINION You Owe it to God, You and Your Family to use your God Given Talents and Gifts Today! Get coached by me, to make it a reality!
You are a busy women, mom, wife or minister, with a vision for your life…However!…

  • You need clarity on your brand, mission and goal
  • You need step by step actionable steps to follow for success
  • You need mind set training to grow and develop personally and professionally
  • You need a system to hold you accountable to make the vision of your life a reality

About me

My name is Mercy Myles-Jenkins. I am a Certified Spirit-Led Christian Life Coach. By profession, I am a Social Worker, really a natural problem solver and confident. If you have met me on social media…then you would know about my weird accent. No I am not Australian…I am born and raised from London, England..